Our company was founded in 1994 by Ted Heinecken, a legend in the midwestern book world. As a book rep, he created a division of his company to service his publishers in the gift trade. In 1998, I left Contemporary Books (Chicago) to work with Ted in the gift market. In 2002, I wrote a check to Ted in the amount of $10 for the gift division of his company, which he never cashed, and the rest is history!

With a sales force of ten, Kelley & Crew is a highly respected and successful gift rep group with a fun and creative mix of gift, paper, and book lines. Our company was built on service. Our hard-working reps are here to help the many unique specialty stores throughout our territory. We service gift and specialty retailers in nine midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky with coverage in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska too. In addition to our seasoned road sales force, we have a Chicago showroom on Milwaukee Avenue in West Town.